Thought Formation : A Novel : Into The Dimension of Mind

Recreation : Book 1


Thought Formation

A Novel

A contemplation of consciousness
through the lives of people
that do not really exist.

PREFACE: The Thought Formation Trilogy

If you do an Internet search for 'consciousness' you will get close to 100 million hits, and those are just the ones the search engine thinks have some relevance. Read just a few articles from the search and you can find definitions that range from 'everything that exists', to 'nothing at all'. Basically, humans have no idea what consciousness is, much less how it works. Scholarly articles go around in circles and fringe articles go way out into la la land. It's a difficult subject to study.

If you were studying an ocean there is a great deal you can learn from within it. But to get the big picture you also need to study it from the outside it as well. It is impossible to do that with the subject of consciousness. We are beings of consciousness, our awareness is within consciousness. So there is no outside of consciousness where we can go. We can study and understand the streams that flow into and create the oceans. We can only speculate what sort of streams flow into the ocean of consciousness within which our awareness of being resides.

A number of years ago I sat down to write a book, one that never materialized. Instead, starting on the first page, characters appeared out of nowhere and they told a totally different story, one which I observed more than created. Oh, I did put some words into the mouths of these characters to express a number of truths and speculations that are mine. Those insertions, however, are the weakest part of the story. Most of the story, the best parts of the story, were received simply by listening, and typing, as the various characters engaged in relationship with each other. It became obvious early on that these characters have a will of their own, an awareness of themselves separate from that of the author which seemed to come out of the mist of consciousness.

What is the difference between consciousness and awareness?

Interesting! So interesting that I found myself studying consciousness, and awareness (which it turns out are not the same thing after all), from within, inside whatever field of consciousness that these characters, these mysterious entities, exist. In doing so I discovered that consciousness is seemingly infinite whereas awareness is only that tiny bit that we currently have knowledge of.

Over the years that followed three separate books emerged, along with a few short stories. This publication is the trilogy of those three books, along with a few of the short stores that add to the characters back story.

The story line follows the lives of a couple of youngsters who find themselves in a world that makes no sense, surrounded by experts, so called, that basically have no clue either, and ascended masters who spout more hypothesis than fact about their reality.

Within the searching for what is going on, discovering the nature of the reality they find themselves in, we do indeed get to study consciousness from within itself, buried deep within what seems to be an infinite array of domains of awareness, each one holding profound mysteries to be explored.

The three books are titled:

  • Recreation (as in re-creation)
  • Recollection
  • and Reconnection.

Those titles will make more sense as you read through the books.
The three short stories are:

  • Alannahs Awakening: Stuck Between Tick and Tock
  • The Sins of Elina
  • and Brionna: Soul Searcher

Throughout the text there is a sprinkling of pictures of things and places and pertinent quotations or poems relating to certain aspects of the story. These are used as artifacts from the world that we call real, projected into their world that we call imaginary. When the characters used words or concepts or discussed theories that I did not fully understand (or had never heard of ) I have added footnotes describing similar words and concepts from our real world. This stitching together of the real world to their imaginary world grounds the story and creates a stable platform on which we can wander around and explore their world.

I hope you enjoy their journey.

If you like to read books online for free (no download) then this one is for you. There is no charge for reading it.

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