Thought Formation Trilogy
Get set for an interesting read, and an amazing journey through time and space and the mind.
Recreation : Book 1
The story line follows the lives of a couple of youngsters who find themselves in a world that makes no sense, surrounded by experts, so called, that basically have no clue either, and ascended masters who spout more hypothesis than fact about their reality.
Recreation : Acknowledge
I am grateful to John, Sally, Ben, Michael and Pat for sharing their story with me, and Kaguya for bringing this story into my domain so I could share it.
Recreation : Chapter 1
Before And After
Swirling and curling, time and space mixing and matching in a rainbow colored maelstrom of rebellion. Beware the extra dimension in time.
Recreation : Chapter 2
Kids These Days
Sally is a beautiful young girl growing up in Japan in the 22nd century. She is about to embark on a mysterous journey that will reveal who she really is.
Recreation : Chapter 3
Just Fishing
It's one of those perfect mornings, cold but not uncomfortable. The fish are biting and John has a few by the time the sun is barely starting to warm things up.
Recreation : Chapter 4
Gettin Itchy
John is walking up the path from the lake with the mornings catch when he sees Sally, and she is with a young man.
Recreation : Chapter 5
Once he got his students into learn mode Ben goes on for hours, teaching them what they already know, but don't know they know.
Recreation : Chapter 6
Finding Michael
Pat wakes early, the sun is shining in his eyes. Sally is snuggled up next to Pat and John has his bed roll on the floor across the room.
Recreation : Chapter 7
Michael is excited to show off his town to his new friends.
Recreation : Chapter 8
The Great Influx
Sally comes down the stairs like a princess presenting herself to her subjects. She is about as pretty as a young woman can be.
Recreation : Chapter 9
Yes Master
Pat and John are up early.The floor isn't all that comfortable. Sally is still snuggled up under her blankets sound asleep
Recreation : Chapter 10
My theory of a morphogenetic field fits that description. Morphogenetic fields are usually used to control how cells differentiate, create life from nonliving organic matter, or alter the balance in a biosphere, such as in a Terra-forming operation.
Recreation : Chapter 11
So maybe the net formed a consciousness, and maybe even an awareness, of a sort that is totally alien to us and that we can't see. I dunno. It's an interesting idea but I can't say for sure I know how it would all work. Apparently, if such a consciou
Recreation : Chapter 12
Second Thoughts
He pauses and prepares himself to say I love you more than anything, Sally. He thinks it as loud as he can, but the words just don't come out.
Recreation : Chapter 13
IT's Alive
Mom and Dad were on public video a lot. The INA chip was very controversial and they were always being interviewed. There was talk that we would all be sucked into the machine and become part of it.
Recreation : Chapter 14
Story Time
Sally has asked John to meet her for a quiet dinner and they met at the usual place. "Tell me a story. Tell a story about when you were my age."
Recreation : Chapter 15
We were just getting back on our feet, and feeling comfortable about who and what we were when it all ended. That is how I feel now, like grandma, when everything she believed in, everything she thought she knew for sure all fell apart, only to be re
Recreation : Chapter 16
The Void
Pat asks "Are you ready?" "No, but I'm going to go anyway" Sally responds. Sally slept in her own room but she didn't sleep very well. She is scared of the void.
Recreation : Chapter 17
Mission Debriefing
Pat looks sideways at John and says "So we're going to start a war? I don't know if that's advisable. We're too loosely connected to that domain to pull it off.
Recreation : Chapter 18
Date Night
Sally jumps, startled by the sound of knocking at her door. She grabs a robe and goes to answer the door, wondering who in this crazy world could be knocking.
Recreation : Chapter 19
Each morning becomes more business like as the two masters focus more and more on their mission. The love is still there, but the talk is all business.
Recreation : Chapter 20
"It sounds like you had a successful mission. Two days ago I thought you were going to argue and fight all the time, but you have become a great team.
Recreation : Chapter 21
Mission Accomplished
The four sit quietly at the breakfast table. The last 6 days has drained them.
Recreation : Chapter 22
There has never been a party like this at the lake. Penny is running around 90 miles an hour in several directions at once getting everything setup
Recreation : Chapter 23
John is just stepping out the door with his bait and tackle when he hears "Hey John." Sally smiles as she bounces up on Johns porch and gives him a great big hug.
Recreation : Chapter 24
And So It Goes
With all the new people at Penny Lake its density has increased significantly, therefore the need for farmers because hunger is now a part of their daily life.
Recollection : Book Two
This is Book Two in the continuing saga of Sally and Pat as they try to repair a world that has fallen apart.
Recollection : Chapter 1
Deep Questions
John and Sally sat for awhile quietly gazing at the artwork.The museum in Powder Junction is Sally's favorite place to sit and contemplate.
Recollection : Chapter 2
"Penelope? What are you doing here? It better be a good reason or you're in big trouble." Sally says glaring at her fourteen year old.
Recollection : Chapter 3
It Ain't Easy Kid
"John, do you think Mom is dead? Do you think she figured out a way to just totally not exist any more?
Recollection : Chapter 4
"I'm awake. Silly boy. I've been standing here listening the whole time. I see how those kids snuck up on you. When you get focused on something you don't watch your back."
Recollection : Chapter 5
Capital City
"Wipe that shit off your face." "Grandpa! No!" Penelope says with an angry look. "Don't make me wash you myself, cuz I will if I have to."
Recollection : Chapter 6
Politics Remembered
"Improper?" Penelope asks. "Is that what she said we were? Improper? I'm gonna sock the bitch!" "Calm down, Sally Junior." Pat says.
Recollection : Chapter 7
Lunch Time
John slaps Pat on the back and says "Dang, Son! You fired both barrels and reloaded and fired again before they could even shoot back. I think you scared um."
Recollection : Chapter 8
Penelope is beside herself with embarrassment. "Mom. If you wear that stupid wig in public I swear I will never be seen with you again. I promise!
Recollection : Chapter 9
"I know, Penny. It's crazy. All morning they were playing together like they were second graders. Penelope pulled all of her dolls out of storage and they played and played for hours."
Recollection : Chapter 10
There is only one bad time to fish, and that's when they ain't biting. They're biting, so its a good time.
Recollection : Chapter 11
Impertinent Child
Also understand that we are not all just pushed by the past that we know, but we are also pulled by the future that we do not know. Wisdom comes not only from past experiences but also from the pull of future experiences. That is a difficult concept to grasp, but it is the truth.
Recollection : Chapter 12
Penny wipes the tears from Anaheres cheeks and asks "Are you sure you want to do this Honey? Mother and daughter relationships are so complicated.
Recollection : Chapter 13
"Come outside Grandpa. I've got to show you this." "What is it Sweetie?" "Look. Right there. See that? See that hole? It's a bullet hole. Isn't that crazy?"
Recollection : Chapter 14
Sally looks surprised when she sees John walking through the sand. He looks a little out of place with his cowboy hat and boots on while everyone on the beach are in their swim suits.
Short Story 1
Alannah's Awakening
Stuck Between Tick and Tock
Alannah stands quietly at the bus stop. The bus arrives but has not yet descended to the platform level so the travelers must wait.
Short Story 2
The Sins Of Elina
It has only been a few days since Alannah stood here, stuck in her temporal dead zone, without a past, and a future that will be only a re-run of yesterday.
Short Story 3
Soul Searcher
Alannah and Elina changed quickly out of their uniforms and get ready to head out for an evening on the town. Tonight they will dine in Capitol City.
Reconnection : Book 3
One thing I'm sure of is that life offers the opportunity for experience, and maybe if there is a purpose, that is it. We for whatever reason, are alive. Experience that!
Reconnection : Chapter 1
Catching Up
"I know, Sweetheart. Some of the domains were hardly touched by the re-population, but Penny Lake was cleared out. Your whole family left you." Penny says, giving Sally a little hug
Reconnection : Chapter 2
A Horse Of Her Own
It's Okay. They are just being boys. It only bothers me when the married ones start messing with me. I just make sure their wives find out, and that stops it in a hurry
Reconnection : Chapter 3
"So what is Pat worried about? He freaks out about the littlest things." "Oh, nothing much. He just thinks your nuts, that's all."
Reconnection : Chapter 4
That got the boys attention. The girls then ran home squealing, clutching their clothes over their breasts, with their naked butts glistening in the moonlight.
Reconnection : Chapter 5
Into The Woods
I hear he's got himself his own little harem out here. He must be collecting young wives from the other settlements.
Reconnection : Chapter 6
Snuggle Time
Be Hoshiko and be alive, here, now. Let the memories of Maureen guide you, but always be Hoshiko. Promise me you will remember that.
Reconnection : Chapter 7
A Country Breakfast
We have lived, and laughed, and loved. We have enjoyed the Earth, the wonderful existence that this planet has to offer. Time is never wasted when it is lived.
Reconnection : Chapter 8
My Nettie
She was so desperately in love with that boy. When he would come to visit she would spend hours getting ready and when he would walk in she could hardly breathe.
Reconnection : Chapter 9
I Believe
The reason we stumble and fumble our way around trying to figure out what is going on I think is because we are lost. We are the lost souls.
Reconnection : chapter 10
Full Circle
I'm numb, my head is spinning. I feel like I'm dying. My whole world is disappearing and I'm lost. I'm scared, Penny. For the first time I'm really scared.